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The SONATA ultrasonic smart water meter is suitable for residential and commercial users.

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Ultrasonic water meter for large flows, commercial, industrial, and network hubs.

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The gas meter with class G4 flow rate for residential users is a reliable and accurate instrument over time.

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Smart meter data analysis with a centralized data acquisition system.

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For more than 30 years, we have been working alongside utilities to define new strategies and address the energy and environmental challenges of our time. We deploy the latest technologies and give Utilities “tailored” solutions for efficient, sustainable, and intelligent supply networks.

WaterTech has been part of ARAD Group since 2018.

The Israeli-originated multinational is a top global player in the field of smart water metering. A position gained through Israeli technological excellence and experience in managing the country’s scarce water resources. Today, Israel is considered the Silicon Valley of water.

Your smart digital network

Not just a manufacturer of smart meters!
Also a system integrator and service provider

We support Utilities throughout the network implementation process. From the installation of meters in the field to the creation of the data communication network. From data transport to the provision of SAC and big data processing and management software. All with adequate support and training to the customer.

Our meters can be equipped with all major transmission systems for Fixed Network and Walk-by/Drive-by data collection, always with fully two-way communication.

NB-IoT | LoRa WAN | GPRS | 169 MHz (WATER and GAS) | 868 MHz wM-Bus OMS

With the advent of smart metering systems, complex ecosystems, the ability to offer solutions that obviously include smart meters.

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Smart meters are electronic devices with advanced technology used to measure, store, and transmit.

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